Daily Specials



NOVEMBER 11th – 17th      

SATURDAY - Tomato Soup, Chicken Curry, Chicken Pot Pie,

SUNDAY – Broccoli & Cheese Soup, Chicken Pot Pie, Roast Beef, Chicken Curry

MONDAY – Split Pea Soup, Chicken Pot Pie, B.L.T. with fried egg, Cottage Pie with Cheddar Cheese

TUESDAY – Potato Soup, Roast Lamb, Jalapeno Meatloaf, Blackened Chicken & Provolone Sandwich

WEDNESDAY – Tomato Soup, Chicken Curry, Jalapeno Meatloaf (plate or sandwich), Grilled Pork Chops with apple sauce

THURSDAY - Mushroom Soup, Roast Beef, Richmond Chicken, Liver & Onions with bacon

FRIDAY – Black Bean Soup,
Chicken Pot Pie, Oh My Cod Sandwich, Beef Fajita Nachos

       ***Ask your server about Desserts!!!***